If only life came with a map…

When we don’t know, we don’t know

We don’t know, we don’t know

Because we don’t know!

This is when we are unconscious of our incompetence, in other words we don’t know what we are doing or being or where we are going we are operating on auto pilot

And when we know, we know

We know

This is when we are conscious of our competence, in other words we know what we are doing or being and where we are going

We always know which direction is right way for us at any time, in any situation and  for any given decision, the hard part is acknowledging that we know and adapting our course accordingly. This is our Spiritual intelligence or SQ in action. It is often referred to as our Gut or our Instinct

Many of us have experienced this in our lifetimes, its the the times when our Gut (SQ – Wisdom) said “not this way” and yet the Logical (IQ – Head) part of us said “yes this way”. Since society encourages us to follow the logic we end up in a cul de sac; and of course it also happens the other way around, Gut says “yes this turn” and Logic says “not this turn” so if we still follow the logic the result is a missed junction

The myth is that the brain (IQ) is in charge, we are often told to think things through, or make a list of pros and cons for a decision, Logic.

Our Gut (SQ) provides us with information that sometimes is at odds with Logic it is called Intuition.

So do you follow the Logic (IQ) or Intuition (SQ)?

We already know the answer

As Steve Harvey said

“You can’t drive a car looking in the rear view mirror”

Imagine having inner Satellite Navigation that will always provide us with the best route through every  situation or decision both at home or at work

Imagine what we could achieve if we always made the best decisions for ourselves based on that inner Knowing

Conscious Conn3ctions is a fast, simple and fun way to Conn3ct to your inner Satelite Navigation and find your best route through life

To increase your ability to follow your Gut use the form below to Conn3ct with Paul