What is stopping us…?

We are all born a  “Superhero” with our own “Superpowers” and as we grow older we may lose them. There are many reasons for this…

Almost from the moment of our birth many of us are told to behave in a certain way to fit in

Some of us will have had vivid imaginations of what we could be when we grew up and were told we were not big enough, strong enough, clever enough, pretty enough to be that so we let go of that dream

As we grow older the pace of modern day living and the pursuit of Money becomes more important, to aid us with its navigation many of us have been operating on autopilot and have become unconscious of our behaviours and the impact they have on others and the planet

We dis-Conn3ct from our Purpose and our “Superpowers”

The same things happen in organisations where pressure to continually grow bottom line profit begins to outweigh customer experiences or team member well being

The organisation may dis-Conn3ct from its Purpose and its “Why”

It is possible to re-Conn3ct to our purpose and our “Superpowers”

Then we become whole again…