Danny Easton TD, FCMI

“Begin with the END in mind”

Born in Glasgow, the ethic of “work hard play hard” was stitched into his DNA, but after a few decades in Senior Executive positions in the UK, America and Europe, Danny still felt something was missing. Being a Director or a Vice President wasn’t feeling as fulfilling as imagined

Whilst attending an Executive Time Management course with Stephen Covey author of the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” best sellers, Danny realised that life, for him, is not about career climbing or material success. Affirming that his love of Learning, Growth, Adventure and engaging with people are the real yardsticks, he right then signed up to be a 7 Habits coach and trainer. The quote above from Stephen Covey has resonated with him ever since that day

Since then he’s qualified in other disciplines, trained over fifty thousand people in many countries and professionally coached hundreds of clients enjoying his honesty, energy and results focus

Danny is certain that the chemistry of a great coach mixed with a willing client can deliver the impossible dream

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