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Carl Gustav Jung; a leading light in 20th century psychology, was one of the first great thinkers to categorise people’s “personality type” according to simple, accessible criteria. He saw four main archetypes based on two criteria

1. How we tend to make decisions
2. How we relate to others

From this we can see that people will range from those who base decisions on pure logic / reason to whose who predominantly take action on feelings or “gut instinct”.

Jung termed the former type a thinker, and the latter a feeler

It also shows that people will range from those who seek to interact greatly with others, to those who prefer not to dominate and vocalise to a greater degree but to remain close to their own inner experiences

Jung termed the former type an Extrovert, and the latter an Introvert. There is confusion about these terms, some think introverts are shy, lack confidence and that extroverts are confident and secure. This is not necessarily true. Extroverts simply “take energy from outside” and introverts “take energy from within”

This assessment will help you to identify which of these is your preference, however it is important to recognise that we all have all 4 of the types within us, we simply prefer to use some more than others.